The 1st Step to Building Wealth Starts with Homeownership

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The 1st Step to Building Wealth Starts with Homeownership

Homeownership has been the most prevalent topic in a recent story published by How Housing Matters , The First Rung on the Ladder to Economic Opportunity Is Housing, discussed the importance of having affordable housing available to as many families as possible. The report stated:

“The ladder to economic success can stretch only so high without the asset-building power of homeownership. Home equity provides Americans with the ability to send their children to college with less student loan debt and is the primary source of funds for retirement. Half of the assets of Americans over age 55 are in their home.”

How Housing Matters is a joint project of the Urban Land Institute and the MacArthur Foundation. It is an online resource for the most rigorous research and practical information on how a quality, stable, affordable home in a vibrant community contributes to individual and community success.

Bottom Line

Research show that the net worth of a family who has homeownership is 45 times greater than that of a family that rents.

Is it time to start planning for your family’s financial future and take that first step? For a complimentary cost analysis on renting versus owning, please give us a call at 704.997.3794 or shoot us a message here. We will also send you a list of homes for sale in Ballantyne that is within your desired price range.

If you decide you don’t like your home we will sell it for free. *some conditions apply*

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