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Real Estate Professional Sees No Future Housing Bubble

Real Estate Professionals and experts sees no bubble. With this year’s home prices expected to increase by more than 5%, a lot of people are worried that a housing bubble will form. Fortune Magazine invited Warren Buffet to address the issue in this article, and he explained that at the moment he does not see a nationwide bubble at all.

Furthermore Buffet was asked about real estate and mortgaging, and whether either of these could present similar challenges for the economy that they did in 2008.

Buffet replied: “I don’t think we will have a repeat of that.”

What circumstances are causing home prices to go up?

The theory of supply and demand explains why there is a lack of homes for sale while the demand for inventory remains high. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) questioned a survey of real estate professionals and found that in 44 of 50 states, buyer traffic was considered “strong” or “very strong”.
(Exceptions included Delaware, Alaska, West Virginia, Wyoming, North Dakota and Connecticut.)

The latest Pending Home Sales Report by NAR showed that the current index is at its highest in a year.

What can we expect for the future?

The continued increase of home prices will result in increased equity for more homeowners, enabling them to put their homes on the market for a good profit. As inventory increases, we should see prices balance out to more manageable, normal levels.
The president and CEO of CoreLogic, Anand Nallathambi spoke about the issue saying that increased home prices have been a driving force behind positive home equity. In the future we should see a better balance between supply and demand, which will encourage healthier and more affordable home prices in the future.

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